A Gift of Island Poetry ft. Judy Gaudet

It was a primordial soup where the stuff of atoms
swam but atoms could not yet exist, he explains.
Without form, and void. Hydrogen and helium met.
It was the right time. The time when the match was lit.

I entertain myself with the science of the past.
I eat grapes with cottage cheese and pepper.
Perhaps these things aren’t equal to that large event,
but let me bang off a theory of the equality of matter.

Protons, neutrons, and electrons swam in the heat
before they met to begin the increase. Then this
and that and finally, here we are, all of these layers
of being that reflect other larger and smaller layers,

the infinite and the infinitesimal saying Now.
The baby before she can form the words she’s learned.
The dog when she brings home the dead one’s spine.
The man who had to leave behind an empty place.

A poem in which I scatter sense as nonsense,
inarticulate thought heard before words are known.
Elements attract and begin creation. Darkness
opens into Light. And light to life. It’s good.

Judy Gaudet’s collections include Conversation with Crows (Oberon Press), Her Teeth Are Stones (Acorn Press), and 150+: Canada’s History in Poetry (Acorn Press).

In December 2013, Judy Gaudet had the idea for a column for The Buzz: a poetry column with a poem each month by an Island poet. For three years she selected poems, and then in February 2017 she handed the enjoyable task to Deirdre Kessler. Now, seven years later, Deirdre passes the mantle to Bren Simmers.