Artwork (detail) by Krista Wells

On the River Clyde

Annual pageant in New Glasgow—July 23–25 & 30–31

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The fifth edition of The River Clyde Pageant returns to the fields and shorelines of New Glasgow this July, with six performances running July 23–25, 30–31 and August 1. The outdoor performance is created and performed by local community members and artists from PEI, across Canada, and the US. Each show concludes with a shared meal for audiences and performers, prepared by Chef Emily Wells of The Mill Restaurant, overlooking the River Clyde.

The 2021 season marks the beginning of a new performance cycle for The Pageant, with a reimagined show structure and story. It will return to a processional performance format, with audiences travelling along a route to witness a series of scenes, but with a twist. The route is circular, taking audiences to new areas on The Pageant site at Robin and Debi Stevenson’s property in New Glasgow. Two cohorts will travel the circuit in different directions, experiencing the scenes in opposite order. At three points, both audience groups will meet and witness the same scene. Thematically, this year’s show is exploring themes of arrival and encounter, reflecting upon what emerges from our encounters with the land, people and other beings—asking how we might approach such encounters with greater humility and grace.

Actors, musicians, stiltwalkers, puppeteers and dancers of all ages will be working together through July to bring this magical performance to life.

The month of July offers many opportunities for the public to get involved in the behind-the-scenes effort of creating The Pageant. People interested in costume making, outdoor scenography and design are invited to join community sewing bees and building sessions in New Glasgow.  There are also volunteer roles within the performances, assisting with box office, ushering, the post-show meal, or even performing with a lantern or a puppet. These roles require a minimal time commitment but are a fun way to participate in the shows—one, two, or all six. Volunteers who are interested in taking part should sign up via

Tickets will go on sale July 2. Tickets are admission by donation and must be booked in advance at

River Clyde Pageant