Ode to brewers

The Brew | by Bryan Carver

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‘Twas a month before Christmas,
And on our fair Isle,
We all could be sheltered
At home for a while.
Christmas parties cancelled,
Pray just for this year,
The Fridges are stocked
With locally brewed beer.
Carols will be sung
While six feet apart,
For everyone’s trying
To just do their part.
The children are nestled
All snug in their beds,
Thoughts of warm summers
Filling their heads.
Ma, in her slippers
And me, my third beer,
Are all too happy seeing
The end of this year.

The Avenue lay quiet, hardly a clatter,
Zooms fill rooms with loud festive chatter.
Friends keeping touch from miles apart,
Holiday sentiments filling their hearts.
Local brewers busy, with new beery delights,
Enjoyed in close company on dark winter nights.
In a year so different from any before,
Here’s to 2021 bringing good news to your door.
We’ve all done great keeping each other safe,
Wearing our masks and respecting that space.
Enough of ol’COVID, that’s not why you’re here,
You came to read me ramble on about beer!

On our little Island, brewers are doing their best,
Fine ales and lagers help put worries at rest.
With ten little breweries all finding their way,
To make the best beers they can each and every day.

Eric at Moth Lane in Ellersie has given us the Answer,
Which certainly is not a reindeer named Prancer.
Spencer at Lone Oak in Borden with Foeder aged ales,
Spinning yarns of shenanigans and mustard pickle tales.
Evermoore in the old Summerside train station,
Giving that town a great beer destination.
Hoagie at Upstreet happily beer engineering,
Tinkering with new recipes fans find endearing.
PEI Brewing and their talented team,
Brewing fine beers, all exceptionally clean.

Mark at Montague’s Bogside making fine German beers,
Ones that fans will be enjoying for years.
Ken and his Copper Bottom crew across the river,
Pilsners so good that they make me shiver.
Don and the Dogfathers out at Barnone,
Mashing in early under the rising winter sun.
Downtown at Gahan, industry stalwart Trent Hayes,
Happily brewing… well, some of the days.
And I, B.A. Carver, at Ye Ol’ Village Green,
Brewing in the back, as I prefer not to be seen.

We brewers all want things to improve next year,
And until we can’t, we will keep brewing beer.
Carefully treated water, finely selected grains,
Hops combinations swirl in our brains.
Nurturing yeast with the greatest of care,
Inspiration, at times, coming out of thin air.
2020 has been a challenge, you know the reason,
So support your local brewer this Holiday season!

Bryan CarverThe Brew
Bryan Carver

Professional Brewer, Certified Cicerone® and Lover of All Things Beer. Joined The Buzz team in April 2018