An autistic woman, True Taylor, has created a website for autistic adults and seniors on PEI at

The goal of the website is to create a community or peer-support group of autistic adults including autistic seniors who can connect online and/or in person to talk about autism, share experiences of navigating PEI as autistic adults, and try to be supportive to each other.

The main part of the website is a forum for members to discuss issues, arrange social activities, find like minded autistic people to attend events, and/or plan meetings online or in person. There is also a blog which mainly links to articles about autism on other sites.

The group will also be maintaining a mailing list for people who wish to participate in meetings or events but don’t wish to interact online as there will also be those who wish to interact online and not attend meetings or events. Members are welcome to participate in whatever aspects they like depending on their time and interest.

If you’re an autistic adult or think you might be, check it out.