Islanders receiving provincial social program benefits who have school aged children will see their winter school aged allowance doubled for this year. This one-time increase will support 1,345 school aged children. For December 2021, families with children aged 4-11 will receive a $200 allowance while those with children aged 12-17 will receive $250.

In addition to this, in January, approximately 4,000 households receiving Social Assistance or Assured Income will also see a permanent increase in the amount they receive to support their basic needs including food. The rates, regardless of family size will now be:

Adult – $450
Child 0-11 – $271
Child 12-18 – $359

For example: with these supports a household of four, with two adults and two children aged 10 and 14 will receive an additional $376 per month or $4,512 per year.

Canada’s Food Price Report for 2021 forecasts that overall food prices will increase three to five per cent. Prince Edward Island experienced the highest increase in food prices in 2020. The report anticipates most Atlantic provinces, except New Brunswick, will experience above-average increases into 2022.

These increases in financial supports are in addition to the changes in supports for shelter allowances that were announced this past summer and demonstrate government’s commitment to moving people out of poverty and achieving the goals outlined in the Poverty Elimination Strategy Act proclaimed earlier this year.