Robertson Library revitalization campaign

UPEI launched a $15-million fundraising campaign to revitalize the Robertson Library in April. Private sector donors have already contributed $600,000 to the campaign, including two $100,000 leadership gifts, one from Grant Thornton and the other from the UPEI Alumni Association. Opened in 1975, the Robertson Library has served the campus community, the province, and a world-wide community of users for almost 50 years. Today, with access to over 1.6 million unique books, 130,000 journals, and 100,000 streaming media, the library connects the campus to a world of information. As well as providing essential resources and study spaces to students and researchers, it offers information literacy skills training and unique learning opportunities, and provides support for Open Education Resources (OER), reducing barriers to learning and making education more affordable. Funds raised during the campaign will be used to support teaching and learning by upgrading existing group and individual study spaces and renovating former storage space to create new study areas. Housed within the Robertson Library is the PEI collection, which includes many historical documents and artifacts that are invaluable to students, researchers, and scholars. Funds raised will be used to expand and enhance the space where the collection is stored in ways that will improve the preservation and sharing of the province’s shared published heritage. Donations to the Robertson Library revitalization project at all levels are welcome. To donate, visit