Reconnect with Island nature this summer with Island Nature Trust (INT). The Passport to Nature is back in full swing with a series of adventure and learning events, hosted by knowledgeable conservationists in the beautiful Natural Areas or spaces of ecological importance across PEI. In the last few years, INT’s outreach focus has moved to immersive nature education and experiential activities for the public. Their strategy is that knowledge is retained more effectively when people are immersed and using all of their senses in the learning experience. INT hopes that the messages children, youth and adults receive through their programs will carry with them for the rest of their lives: “If you don’t love it, you won’t protect it. It is through a deep connection to nature that conservation begins.” The Passport to Nature is a booklet containing information on a series of events INT has organized throughout the year to help Islanders and visitors alike experience and learn more about PEI’s protected places. Upcoming events include the Iris Forest Walk (Jun 19); Paddling the Percival River (Jul 18); Walk to St Peter’s Island (Aug 9); Medicine Walk (Sep 14); Mushroom Walk & Talk (Oct 1); and Trivia Night for Nature Nerds (Nov 3). New events will be added to the Passport To Nature series throughout the year. Visit or follow on social media to learn more and register. For any questions regarding the series of Passport To Nature activities, email Engagement & Outreach Coordinator Johanna Merth at or 892-7513.