Parents and guardians with children in designated and licensed early years centers (EYCs) across the province will see child care fees reduced to $25 on January 1, 2022. This is one of the milestones to achieving an average of $10/day early learning and child care in the province. PEI is on track to meet this target by the end of 2024 at designated EYCs.
Fees will be reduced to $25 per day from the current fees of $27 to $34 per day, representing daily savings of $2 to $9 for families. Over the course of a year, savings from this fee reduction ranges from nearly $500 to nearly $2,400, depending on the fees parents are paying today. Savings will increase with additional reductions in parent fees planned for later 2022 at designated EYCs.
Reducing child care fees to $25/day in January 2022 at EYCs will enhance affordability for families. The fee reduction at designated centers is subsidized through the Canada-Prince Edward Island Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, and will be made available to reduce and stabilize parents’ monthly fees. Designated centres will automatically receive the subsidy, which they in turn will apply to their fee structure; parents do not need to apply.
Additionally, licensed non-designated centres will receive provincial funding to support reducing parent fees to $25/day starting January 1, 2022.
For information on how licensed early childhood centres can apply for EYC designation, visit the link here.
The Province announced seven new EYC designations in early December 2021 and plans to announce up to 5 additional designations before March 31, 2022.
The Government of Canada is making a transformative investment to build a Canada-wide early learning and child care system in partnership with provincial, territorial and Indigenous partners. This includes a historic federal investment of over $121 million for Prince Edward Island, including a one time investment of about $3.6 million in 2021-22 to support Prince Edward Island’s early childhood workforce.