Improv classes at The Guild

Two improv courses with instructor Nancy McClure are on offer at The Guild in Charlottetown this fall. Introduction to improv for those who identify as women will run on Mon from Oct 16–Nov 20 at 7 pm. Introduction to improv for everyone will run on Thur from Oct 19–Nov 23 at 7 pm. Participants (ages 17+) do need to be actors or even interested in performing to benefit from the principles of improv. Using an eclectic mix of exercises, activities and games from different schools of improv and acting, MacLure will facilitate an experiential learning experience designed to help participants rediscover their sense of play and spontaneity; develop and enhance their active listening and communication skills; improve their ability to work collaboratively; and share their point of view in a creative way. Psychological and health benefits of improv include improving creativity, building brain connections, build confidence, boosting endorphins, and reducing stress, anxiety, and the fear of uncertainty and failure. Both courses will be offered in a safe, supportive, and judgment-free environment.