Feminist Film Festival at Souris Show Hall—Mar 16

Carlie Howell
Carlie Howell

A Radiant Rural Halls event, The Not-So-Silent Feminist Film Festival: Rural Edition, a project curated by Carlie Howell, will take place on March 16 at Souris Show Hall.

This special edition of The-Not-So-Silent Feminist Film Fest for Radiant Rural Halls is a two part event exploring the soundscapes of rural landscapes, and specifically the area around Souris, PEI, through a workshop and a screening series of classic and contemporary silent films directed by women. 

Part one is an intergenerational interactive afternoon workshop facilitated by Carlie Howell. The workshop will see participants creating soundscapes using their voices, bodies, percussion instruments, and found sounds in response to visual prompts about rural settings and rural life. 

Part two is an evening event, in conjunction with the Not-So-Silent Feminist Film Fest, featuring a classic silent film by a female director, and a contemporary silent film set in PEI by Millefiore Clarkes. The films will be accompanied live by Spontaneous Soundtrack, an improvising ensemble of professional musicians, including Natalie Williams-Calhoun, Somnia Lucent, Aaron Comeau and Carlie Howell, Julie Pelliser-Lush, Ariel Sharratt, and Devon Ross.

Radiant Rural Halls is a series of free public art events held in rural PEI community halls and organized by this town is small. Visit for more event details and registration.