New Wave Entrepreneur — HK & Ivan MacArthur

New Wave Entrepreneur

HK & Ivan MacArthur

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New Wave Entrepreneur, by HK & Ivan MacArthur, has been recently published.

On Prince Edward Island, many new immigrants arrive under the “Immigrate to PEI as an Entrepreneur” category of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Since the inception of the Provincial Nominee Program there have been varying viewpoints on the benefits and challenges of the program. The authors of New Wave Entrepreneur say that what is often lost in all of this discussion is an insight into the motivations and experiences of these immigrants who invest the future of their families in Prince Edward Island and Canada.

Their new book aims, they say, to give PNP entrepreneurs a human face, and to share their experiences, hopes, and aspirations as new Islanders. The authors undertook interviews with twelve PNP immigrant entrepreneurs and arranged for photo sessions. Interviews were conducted in English or Mandarin. These interviews covered a range of topics including past experiences, Island life, their business enterprises, and their plans for the future.

“The title New Wave Entrepreneur was chosen to reflect the fact that PNP immigrants represent the latest wave of entrepreneurs to immigrate to Prince Edward Island,” say the authors. “Such waves have occurred in the past and have included immigrants from France, the British Isles, Lebanon, and Holland. We hope that this new wave can build on the success of previous entrepreneurs and contribute new knowledge to Island culture.”