Calm Baretta

New single from Calm Baretta

July 1st release date

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Calm Baretta are set to release a stand alone single “Silver Screens” across all streaming platforms on July 1, 2019.

The song is about looking ahead and projecting something bigger for yourself. It is based around being at a movie theatre and dreaming of being that actress in the spotlight on the screen.

Calm Baretta is Laura Oakie (keys, synths, vocals), Josh Carter (lead vocals, guitars), Nigel Haan (bass, vocals), and Matt Bridges (drums). “Silver Screens” was recorded and mixed by John Mullane in Spryfield, Nova Scotia, and mastered by Nick Fowler.

Artist Monica Lacey created the original collage artwork for the single. About the hand cut collage on paper, Lacey says, “It was really inspired by the song itself, and this feeling of expanding horizons and moving from one state to another. The girl is taken from a 1960s photo showing the high fashion on Carnaby Street in London at the time, and she’s walking with all this confidence and determination toward a future that she knows is waiting. It’s a bit about feeling larger than life, taking over your landscape too, because of this expansiveness. I love the line about “is it even real” and I was thinking about how things become real through us seeing them, how our perspective brings the true form out.

Catch Calm Baretta at Coastal Vibes: Canada Day in the Park, Charlottetown, July 1, at Fishbones in Charlottetown with Racoon Bandit on July 19, or at North Rustico’s Watermark Theatre on August 4 for Classics Reignited where the band will perform songs by Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Moody Blues.

The band expects to have their debut EP out in early fall 2019. In the meantime, listen to them on Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, and Soundcloud.