New Release: Nikkie Gallant | Free (I Remember)

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PEI songwriter, Nikkie Gallant, has released an official music video for her new single “Free (I Remember).”

“The song started with the spark of an idea: that the past isn’t always as great as we remember it to be, and that sometimes an ending is needed,” Nikkie explains. “Then, as usual, my own experiences came out in the song. So, when we were working on the video, it was important to make sure it had the right tone to suit the deeper meaning. It’s definitely a bit dark,” she laughs.

The video features Nikkie singing to the viewer, looking rather uncharacteristically serious, interspersed with urban aerial scenes, and other imagery to add to the impact of the lyrics. Viewers have called the video profound, moving, relevant, and powerful, with a message of hope.

The video was shot at Film PEI’s recently renovated production studio with Director of Photography Oakar Myint, Art Director/Production Assistant Laura Morgan, and Production Assistant Vinod Ramachandra. Chris Robison then edited the music video, using the scenes filmed on PEI as well as additional footage from Kyle Merrimen.

“Free (I Remember)” is the first single released from Nikkie’s upcoming album. Subtle Motions will be her third full-length album and will be released in the spring. Her second album earned three Music PEI nominations, including Songwriter of the Year.