New Release: Lawrence Maxwell & Bridgette Blanchard | Whiskey Songs

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After performing in Nashville, PEI country musicians Lawrence Maxwell and Bridgette Blanchard team up for “Whiskey Songs,”a duet that aims to bridge the gap between traditional and modern country music. “Whiskey Songs” is set to release February 28 on all major streaming platforms.

“Whiskey Songs” is the second release from Lawrence Maxwell’s upcoming album, Almost Natural. The song is the story of a young couple who have recently gone their separate ways. Although aware of the self-destructive path that often ensues after a breakup, the former partners choose alcohol to numb their pain. Despite the song’s somber message, the vocals stay warm as man and woman trade perspectives, joining in rising harmony.

After having the chance to perform in Nashville, Lawrence Maxwell returned home feeling inspired. It would be a couple of months later, while cleaning a car at work, before the idea for “Whiskey Songs” entered his mind. As Maxwell listened to a country song about whiskey, he thought, “Another whiskey song? We should’ve learned from the whiskey songs!” Later that evening, “Whiskey Songs” was born.

When Maxwell realized that the song called for a female vocalist, he reached out to fellow Island musician Bridgette Blanchard. They learned they had both performed at The Bluebird Café and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville. It was only fitting that the two come together to bring this country heartbreak ballad to life.

“Whiskey Songs” was recorded at The Hill Sound Studio with producer/engineer: Adam Gallant. The track features Sam Langille (bass), Josh Langille (drums/guitar), Adam Gallant (Wurlitzer/Moog) and Gordie MacKeeman (fiddle). Almost Natural set for release in June 2020.

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