New cider launched

Double Hill Cidery in Caledonia

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Caledonia-based Double Hill Cidery announces the launch of their first product—The “Nomad” cider. It is now available in liquor stores across PEI.

The Nomad is made with wild apples that can be found everywhere on the Island. “These apples are true survivors and have adapted to our climate, but most importantly, they have truly astonishing and unapologetic flavours. Most people wouldn’t consider eating them, but in cider, they found their true calling,”says owner Sebastian Manago.

“We had to seek permissions and deal with trees that have never been pruned or harvested,” says Bryan McCracken, production manager. “But we got the chance to meet lots of Islanders and hear the stories about the heritage of their trees. That is what it is all about.”

Grégoire Ferre is a cider maker from Normandy and has been an advisor to Double Hill since the beginning: “I was truly impressed with the quality of these apples. They remind me of our very old and forgotten cider varieties in France.”

Laurent LaFuente is another godfather to the project as the oenology advisor to Double Hill. He helped the team get their feet on the ground. “Where we make cider in BC, we have a very different climate. Double Hill wanted not only to use wild apples but also develop a fermentation process that was adapted to the PEI weather patterns. Cold temperatures can be a blessing and a curse. We think we have developed a true PEI approach to fermentation and aging.”

Describing the first offering Manago says, “The Nomad cider has a warm, golden colour with bold apple and apricot flavours. It is balanced with a long, spicy finish. It is best served chilled and paired with the great products from Island waters: Oysters, Lobster, Mussels or any other seafood and white meats.”

“Special thanks for getting Double Hill started goes out to Jennifer Bernard, Marcus Luttermann, Rob MacLean and the owners of apple trees everywhere in PEI,” says Sebastian Manago.