Dennis Ellsworth

Music release: Bound By Love

by Dennis Ellsworth

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“These strange days are troubling for those of us who make our living writing and recording music,” said Ellsworth. “With COVID-19, live music revenue has vanished, and with a broken royalty system for streaming, artists are taking a real hit. We’re not coming together and sharing experiences like we used to. Whatever rules we were following before are up for reimagining.”

Bound by Love reconsiders the status quo, while sharing a staggering 32 new songs from the prolific Prince Edward Island songwriter, across 3 albums and 3 EPs. The installments will be rolled out over the next 6 months.

“It’s been a very creative time for me, despite how rough the industry has been hit, and I thought, what better time to do something wild,” said Ellsworth. “Bandcamp has gone above and beyond for artists during this precarious time, and as such, the full length albums will only be available there, in CD, LP, and digital formats. That said, streaming fans shouldn’t feel left out. Over the next 6 months, we’ll be releasing 3 EPs to streaming services, that sample all of the LPs. The full project will only be available on Bandcamp. If you want to hear it all, you know where to find it. Everybody wins.”

Ellsworth shares the first full length Bound by Love offering 12/04, with the Flowers In Your Head LP, which he describes as “a meditation on fatherhood.”

“I know, because of you, I melt like honey / I know, because of you, I’m always buzzing,” Ellsworth sings on standout “Becuz of U, his affecting sentiment buoyed by atmospheric vocals.

“This record is for me, Esme and Heather – it’s about becoming a dad and everything that flows through that,” Ellsworth said. “The love of family is something that is unlike any other love. I will give them anything I can, forever.”

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