Howard Redekopp

Music PEI producer mentorship

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Music PEI has launched the Producer Mentorship Program (PMP) with Mentor, Canadian Producer Howard Redekopp.

PMP was created to assist both established and emerging producers to gain knowledge and learn from one of Canada’s most successful music producers. This six-week program will cover areas both theoretical and technical, critiques of participant’s projects, a breakdown of two select Howard Redekopp projects, and sessions with guest speakers.

Technical topics will include raising the bar of the quality of your work, learning to create the exact right sonic place for every instrument to sit, and capturing emotive vocal performances.

Theoretical discussion will cover topics like breaking through the challenge of landing more fulfilling gigs, tools needed to becoming your own cheerleader and advocating for yourself, finding your own unique strengths, and creating opportunities to learn from “experts” in the field.

Potential participants must have previous experience producing and the aptitude to run their own recording session and navigate their digital workstation fluidly enough to share with Howard and the group.

Participants should have a production or mix in progress to present for an input session with Howard. These sessions will be attended by all participants—critique and encouragement will benefit all.

Participants will need to subscribe to Audiomovers ( in advance to share high end audio of their submission and have the ability to Zoom from the same host computer as their digital workstation for the session where they are sharing their production. They can be using whatever production software they normally use.

Selected participants must be residents of PEI and members of Music PEI. Submissions will be accepted until September 10 and can be made at

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