Money Smarts for Teens & Twenties

Understanding why financial planning works, makes it easy!

Gordon Hughes, CFP

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Island financial planner Gordon Hughes has published a new book entitled Money Smarts for Teens & Twenties: Understanding why financial planning works, makes it easy! He will host an author signing on October 5 between 1 and 3 pm at Indigo store on University Ave in Charlottetown. Come sign up for a draw for free books, and a chat. Hear about his blog with short tutorials on financial matters for all ages.

Why this book? Hughes says that his middle aged clients often came for advice on how to get back on track. Many wished they had done things different earlier. They frequently asked questions like “Why didn’t any one ever tell me about this?”

That is exactly what Hughes hopes this book will do. “Youth need help to understand how today’s choices affect their future. They need a book,” says Hughes. “Why would any teenager use good advice if they don’t understand why they should use that advice today? This book doesn’t just talk about numbers, it interprets those numbers into everyday experiences. By seeing how people were affected, youth can relate to their experiences. We want to help youth understand why and how financial savvy today will impact their future. Youth need to understand why—this book helps!”​

​ Gordon Hughes grew up in Fort Augustus and studied at St Dunstan’s High in Charlottetown. He has over 25 years experience as a financial planner and has written over 150 articles for newspapers,  and has been published in trade magazines. Gordon Hughes has also participated in several television interviews on financial matters. He sets up investment portfolios and monitors them for clients. He also sell life insurance products and is certified in financial planning including retirement and estate planning.

Money Smarts is currently being published in USA in addition to this Canadian issue.