Mikey’s Place

By Steve Giddings

Author, teacher, music educator and musician Steve Giddings has written and illustrated his first children’s book, Mikey’s Place.

Mikey’s Place is about a microphone finding his way in the musical landscape. Where does he fit? While searching for his place, he comes across some cool musical characters that teach about their function in the rock band. Everyone has a purpose, and everyone has their place. Join Mikey as he journeys to find his place.

This book aims to help strengthen social emotional skills and to help kids understand that everyone is good at something, but not everybody is good at everything. They just need to find their passion. Exploring the instruments of the rock band, their function, and other musical lessons are also present throughout Mikey’s Place

Translated by Island teacher Billy MacLean, the book is also available in French, titled La place de Miko. Both are available on Amazon, at Indigo in Charlottetown, and online at stevesmusicroom.com/mikeys-place. 

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