Mayoff novel now an ebook

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Steven Mayoff’s first novel Our Lady of Steerage, published in 2015 by the late James Munves (Bunim & Bannigan), is now available as an ebook through the distributor Smashwords.

Our Lady of Steerage is an intergenerational saga with a non-linear narrative that moves back and forth between four different timelines: 1923, 1936, 1949 and 1962. Nineteen-year old Mariasse runs away from her home in Kraków, Poland to sail to Canada. During the voyage she meets a Jewish couple who recently lost their young son but are traveling with their infant daughter, Dvorah. Betye, the mother, cannot bring herself to care for her living child, so Mariasse takes charge of Dvorah for the duration of the trip, earning her the nickname “Our Lady of Steerage Class.” This begins a lifelong relationship, defined by a recurring cycle of rescue and betrayal, where Mariasse and Dvorah find themselves continuously in and out of each others’ lives.

Our Lady of Steerage is available at most ebook retailers or directly from Smashwords at