Mammals of Prince Edward Island and Adjacent Marine Waters

Rosemary Curley, Pierre-Yves Daoust, Donald F. McAlpine, Kimberly Riehl, J. Dan McAskill

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Rosemary Curley will launch the new book Mammals of Prince Edward Island and Adjacent Marine Waters on December 3 from 7:30 to 9 pm at the Beaconsfield Carriage House in Charlottetown. This long-overdue book provides a comprehensive guide to the Island’s terrestrial and marine mammals. Rooted in historical accounts and local research, it illuminates the lives of PEI mammals large and small. From the Little Brown Bat to Sowerby’s Beaked Whale, this book highlights each species in illustrated detail and outlines the continued need for conservation efforts in PEI.

Mammals of Prince Edward Island and Adjacent Marine Waters is the first in-depth guide to PEI mammals. Written by experts in the field, this collection gathers local history and scientific knowledge into one volume. It includes French and Mi’kmaq species names, colour illustrations, range maps, and tracks. Categories provide the reader with answers to questions such as “How did Skunks arrive on PEI?” and “When did Black Bear and Walrus disappear from the Island?”

Published by Island Studies Press at UPEI, the book is co-authored by Rosemary Curley, retired wildlife biologist and Nature PEI president; Pierre-Yves Daoust, Professor Emeritus at Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island; Donald F. McAlpine, Head of the Department of Natural History at the New Brunswick Museum; Kimberly Riehl, a resource management officer with Parks Canada; and J. Dan McAskill, a retired forest manager and wildlife biologist.

Rosemary Curley started working on the book in 2015, gathering local research, bringing other authors on board, and raising funds for the project. This community-supported book would not be possible without its sponsors: Nature PEI, the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation, the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund, PEI Forests, Fish, and Wildlife, and Purity Dairy.

Join Island Studies Press and Rosemary Curley et al. in celebrating this new book. For information about the book or the launch, contact Bren at or call 902-566-0386.