MacLauchlan Prizes for Effective Writing

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The MacLauchlan Prizes for Effective Writing distribute up to $30,000 annually in awards to UPEI students and faculty.

The 2018 recipients are:

Faculty of Arts
Matthew Edmond Arsenault, Kate Bartlett, Ryan Boulter, Robyn Dann, Conor Dever, Mariah Rose Donnelly, Emma Drake, Rachel Hamilton, Julia Erin Henderson, Lorelei Kenny, Tristan Malcolm Lewis, Megan Lane MacDonald, Fallon Anne Mawhinney, Tanner McCabe, Luo Qiang, Taylor Quinn, Nick Scott, Wanyi Shangguan, Brianna Squires, Karina Terentiev, Michaela Wipond

Faculty of Business
Damilola Emmanuel, Brian Young

Faculty of Education
Lois Barnett, Hailey Hennessey, Katherine Murray, Hannah Roberts, Marianne Tremblay-Abel

Faculty of Nursing
Jonelyn Dehaan, Brad Halman, Jaime Leigh Macdonald, Marie Antoinette Gue Pangan

Faculty of Science
Kerri Ballum, Stephanie Cairns, Emma Campbell, Madison Faith Clarke, Alycia Maribeth Cooper, Jasmine Grace Frizzell, Marlee Gregory, Hillary Isleifson, William McQuaid, Precious Oluwabukunm Ojo, Mark Saunders, Maeve Studley, Emma Taylor, Zachary Theriault, Mangyu Zang

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Jessica D’Amico, Jihyun Kelly Yoo

Dr. Sean Weibe, Faculty of Education