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The Chelsey Moisan effect

Talking Bands | by Evan James Ceretti

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Chelsey Moisan, otherwise known by her stage name Lxvndr, has been making waves in the PEI rap scene with her spit-fire lyrics, stage presence (The Lxvndr Effect), and her go-get attitude.

Moisan grew up singing and always loved rap music, though it wasn’t until she was sixteen when she knew that that’s what she wanted to do. At a party on NYE, Moisan started free-styling with a group of friends, and when the jaws started stretching towards the floor, something clicked for her. “I kind of knew I had a knack for rapping.”

Over the years, Moisan continued rapping on a low-key basis until she met producer and rapper Fatt Matt who had moved to PEI from Vancouver. “He showed me the ropes of what it’s like to be a successful musician.” He introduced her to many people in the rap scene who Moisan is now tightly-knit with. “Growing up in Summerside, it seemed that arts weren’t something that people encouraged you to do for a career.” However, after befriending Fatt Matt, Moisan learned that it’s possible with effort and talent.

Moisan first performed just over two years ago under the stage name Dat Kid Rosa, which was later changed to Lxvndr. She writes all her lyrics but gets beats from local performers and friends including DJ Moves, Niimo, and boyfriend Chase McNeil, aka Eli Brooks. In her lyrics, Moisan said, “I often like to talk about metaphysical things, esoteric things, and I often like to talk about the dark side of life, metaphorically. I definitely spit some raw shit. A lot of my spirituality inspires me to write. When I’m doing meditation and spiritual work, those are the things that spark my creation the most.”

Currently, Moisan has been channeling certain emotions and personal experiences into her music. “It’s extremely therapeutic and easy to talk about those things through songwriting.” She also writes and sings about how everyone should see the value in themselves. “It’s important to recognize that everyone holds power.”

The Charlottetown rap scene has clearly been on the rise over the last couple years. “I don’t think that the Charlottetown rap scene has ever been as interesting as it is now. There are a lot of talented rappers here that are really good at what they do. What does Island rap sound like? Nobody could really answer that, but I think shortly people will be able to answer that.”

Moisan is one of the very few, if not the only female hip-hop artist currently performing on PEI and she loves the local music community. “A lot of people have talked about how women aren’t treated equally in music, but personally I find that the people I hang out with treat me just as fairly as anyone else.” As far as music communities go, PEI is home to a massive amount of genre-spanning talent from women in music, and artists like Moisan keep on raising the bar.

Lxvndr has one full-length album out now titled Raw (Real Always Wins), which is only available for purchase on physical copies. She has a new EP coming out in December, produced by Niimo, which will be available online on all streaming platforms. See her perform live on December 7 alongside Plava (venue TBA).

Evan James CerettiTalking Bands
Evan James Ceretti

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