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Love Letters from a Belle by Alyssa Holman-Johnston

The New Creative | by Cassandra Bernard

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“Social media is full of incredible ways to expand our creative ideas for our homes, wardrobe, activities, hobbies, events, and everything else in our lives. The nasty side, however, is that these networks also provided the beauty industry with new ways to show us our ‘flaws’ and the things we ‘need to improve on’,” says Savannah Belsher-MacLean in her recent Love Letter from a Belle blog post.

Social phenomenon like this are part of the reason Alyssa Holman-Johnston, owner of Island-based Lou La Belle skincare, created her campaign, Love Letters from a Belle, where influential women can share advice, express themselves and find comfort in other letters. The skincare line is made with natural and organic ingredients. From a body scrub to an oil facial cleanser, Lou La Belle is all about self love and self care. The love letters campaign is one more way for women to show themselves some kindness.

“I reached out to other social influencers I found inspiring. They’re usually brilliant and gorgeous and just seem to have everything perfectly together, but you get to know them and they have insecurities too, and it’s interesting to hear that these people all have the same insecurities,” Holman-Johnston says.

The idea behind the campaign came to mind one morning while Holman-Johnston was getting ready for her day. “I don’t wear a lot of makeup or anything and one day I was just kind of doing that negative self talk, and thought to myself: I would never talk like this to a friend,” she admits. “It’s so easy to think it about ourselves which is so sad. This idea came to me because it is hard to talk about your insecurities, especially for young women. People contact me all the time and say they have the worst skin. I could have jumped on that and got sales, but actually told them: No, you have beautiful skin.”

At this point she knew LLB was way more than just a skin care line. Her products are not about fixing, but more about nourishing the body you have and learning to love oneself. Love Letters from a Belle would be a place where women could go to feel safe to tell their story. “It would be really cool to go to a place and see all of these incredible women with their advice on how to get through hardship or become more confident,” explains Holman-Johnston.

Anyone can submit their love letters online at Homan-Johnston encourages Belles to write letters to their present selves, to their future selves, or past selves as a way to empower themselves, and let other women know they are not alone in whatever they are dealing with in their lives. “This way it’s online. You don’t have to tell the world how you’re feeling, but you might find an inspiration in those letters that will make you feel less alone.”

Cassandra Bernard
Cassandra Bernard

Cassandra Bernard is a born and raised Islander. She received her degree in journalism from UPEI and enjoys getting out into the community, meeting new people, trying new things and sharing her experiences. Cassandra contributes to a variety of publications across the Maritimes and has been writing for The Buzz in her column titled The New Creative for nearly two years. Cassandra also helps to monitor the Facebook group PEI GOOD News Only! and is the founder of All Things Active PEI.