Love, Inevitable

Jenn Grant

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Jenn Grant will release her new album, Love, Inevitable May 31. She has shared a sneak peak of the album by way of a video for the  first single, Raven. Of the track, Grant notes, “Raven came from a place of trying to find my own power when I was crowded with self-doubt. For me, it’s about taking a step into the unknown and learning to trust yourself.  It’s about making a choice to let go of the idea that you needed something or someone, and finally stepping into your freedom.”

Love, Inevitable marks a period of change in Grant’s life. After four consecutive albums with husband Daniel Ledwell (and being nominated for three JUNOs), Grant stepped out of her comfort zone and reached out to Grammy nominated American producer and engineer, Tucker Martine. A synergetic and collaborative team was born and the summer months were spent recording in Portland, Oregon.

Love, Inevitable is and isn’t about motherhood says Grant. A direct conversation of motherhood is omitted and instead we’re left with an impression of this process; “Some of the guitar songs I wrote in this little window of a few days where I felt this kind of energy around me. I didn’t know I was pregnant yet and those were when those songs were written. Those songs are special to me.”

Grant wrote the tracks in her home in Halifax, turning to a Roland keyboard, experimenting with different tunings on her acoustic guitar and banjo. She then flew to Portland, Oregon to record at Martine’s Flora Recording and Playback. Of the experience, Martine says, “Jenn is my favorite kind of collaborator. She showed up with fantastic songs, great ideas and a willingness to try anything. We immediately found a mutual love for the record making process being about discovery, trusting each other and surprising ourselves. This brings a vivacious quality to a record.”

The record’s title comes from a moment when Grant heard Martine’s wife, Laura Veirs, singing the Daniel Johnston song, True Love Will Find You in the End. She found symmetry here, remembering how her husband used to sing her that song as well. The song reminds Grant of her own trek back to both herself and to finding her own family, she explains.