Patrick Ledwell with Island Summer Review partner Mark Haines (photo: Pam Bernard)

Look Who’s Home

The Island Summer Review with Patrick and Mark

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The Island Summer Review  is returning to the theatre at Harmony House in Hunter River, with its new edition.

The show has become an annual tradition for many Islander show-goers. It features comedian Patrick Ledwell and musician Mark Haines in a celebration of all things Island, through stand-up comedy, traditional folk music, and original combinations between the two.

This year’s show is pulled together by a conversation about what it means to call a place home. “Previous years, I’ve joked about going to elementary school right across the road, and living in the same family home as when I was two,” says Patrick Ledwell. “In all honesty, I needed to choose to come back, and it took years to feel at home. I’m excited about how this show approaches how we each need to decide, on our own, what home means.”

All-new show chapters include actual news headlines that mainlanders wouldn’t believe, laughably conflicted love letters to PEI, and folk-rock anthems about deciding to stay. There are also some classic, re-imagined songs by other artists, woven into original stories about returning to the Island.

“Not to give anything away but this years’ musical travelogue is going to take us through Kenny Rogers-ville and on to the land of Springsteen,” comments Mark Haines. “I’m packing every instrument I own.”

Haines and Ledwell share a sense of encouragement that the review continues to draw audiences from down the road, and points across the world.

“We’re driven to create the best, most honest show for our friends and neighbours, because we’ll be seeing them at the grocery store all winter. We don’t get to leave town,” shares Haines. “It’s been heartening to find out that if we work hard to entertain Islanders, it’ll also connect with friends we haven’t met yet, from Alberta, Arizona, or Australia.”

The Island Summer Review opens July 4. The show runs three nights a week, each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night at 8 pm until August 30. Tickets specials are available for the first two weeks in July.  Come early for supper with Chef Norman Zeledon, in the Harmony House heritage pub.