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Living the dream

Something new, something different for Kensington foodies

Way Up West | by Jan Cox

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Begin with a big bowl of passion and a sense of community spirit, add originality and warmth, sprinkle with creativity and pour in happiness until the bowl overflows—that’s the recipe for Kensington’s C+B Café.

Located at the corner of Commercial and Broadway Streets, (you can see the sign posts at the front door), what else would you name your brand new Café but C+B Corner Café?

It’s bright, it’s new, it’s different.

When former consultant Karen Spiteri teamed up with Chef Megan Beairsto, they heard from friends and locals that Kensington needed a breakfast café.

“I had a passion for hospitality. I thought I might like to take on a B&B or a café. My husband and I had bought the building several years ago. This spot became vacant. It was time to realize that dream,” said Spiteri. “Megan has amazing creative abilities. Our menu reflects that,” she adds. Taylor Ellis rounds out the talented kitchen staff.

Famous now for C+B housemade bagels, “Brekky” also offers such treats as C+B Buddha Bowl, French Toast made with fresh baked Japanese milk bread and Vegan Millennial Toast. Missed breakfast? No worries, the Café is open until 2 pm for lunch. How about the Edgy Veggie, the Havana Affair or Grilled (four) Cheeses with molasses butter?

“Why open in the middle of a pandemic?” I ask. Karen grins. “Well, the ball was already rolling. We had done renos in January and February, so why not? We took a risk thinking we could slowly ease into the summer season realizing it would be much slower than anticipated. Wrong. We were busy! We had no real expectations, but we were blown out of the water!”

Besides serving up quality breakfast, C+B has a liquor license. “It’s a nice option for our customers,” said Head Chef Megan Beairsto, who remembers sitting in the corner of the restaurant as a child with her Grandma (The corner ground floor space had been, among other businesses, a café in the day).

Both Spiteri and Beairsto are excited about their monthly Supper Club themed evenings. “We feature a five course meal influenced by the chosen theme,” Beairsto told me. Customers have been treated to an “Around the World” evening, (no one was travelling), a Halloween “Monster Movie Night” and most recently, “Heading to the Caribbean” (no one is going South either). So far, each month has been completely sold out.

C+B Corner Café is a cozy spot, with lovely tall live plants, various wooden tables and chairs, and an inviting fluffy stuffed couch with big arm chairs. Spiteri and the team plan to stay open all year. “We want to continue to do what we have begun, do it well, and make people happy.”

Jan CoxWay Up West
Jan Cox

My partner and I moved to the island from Ottawa in August 2003. We quickly became avid fans of "The Buzz". I would search out the monthly read at the liquor stores of West Prince! I retired in June 2015 and found myself one afternoon, on a weekday no less, outside The Buzz office in Charlottetown. I met Peter and the gang and after singing the praises of the publication, suggested they needed a voice from West of Summerside. Me and my big mouth - three years later I am still writing "Way Up West" every month and it has been a joy. It's a win win - I get to work with a wonderful group of people at The Buzz and I am thrilled to be meeting folks from up west and area.