Sai Ming Chu (George) and Chung Sze Leung (Angela), owners of A&G Music World in Summerside

Lessons to learn

Educators from Hong Kong make PEI their new home

Way Up West | by Jan Cox

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On a sunny and mild morning, with a view of the sea, I sat down with Chung Sze Leung (Angela) and her husband Sai Ming Chu (George).

When asked “why leave Hong Kong for Prince Edward Island,” the answer poured out from George, “For the environment. It is peaceful, clean, beautiful, friendly, helpful. Less stress. A total lifestyle change.”

George, a former high school Vice Principal, and Angela, a music teacher, journeyed here to join their two children, already International students in Canada. George explained their daughter was here at UPEI and their son was studying in Toronto. “They recommended coming to the Island. We love it!” Both children continue their studies in Ontario. And so, in September 2020 with plans in place, they opened their unique music school on Water Street in Summerside.

The excited and grateful couple told me of their future plans, but right now they are grounded in giving their piano students an enjoyable, relaxing learning experience.

“In this time of the pandemic, people needed something to do,” they both told me. “As we introduce them to music and to music theory. Some realize a fuller life lies ahead. A bigger picture of life. With new found knowledge, the joy of music is discovered, whether the student is here for their own interest or looking forward to something more focused. As students relax and realize learning is not stressful; their confidence grows, they want to connect with people. They are less self-centered and have a greater sense of self-identity. As they grow and continue their studies, they approach learning with more perseverance and many discover talent they didn’t realize they owned. They want to achieve.”

I was ready to sign up for lessons—the first one is free!

One of their future dreams is to have their music school be a gathering place for the community. George, having so much to tell me, explained, “If people want to gather to play music together, they can come here! They can rent this space and our instruments. It’s beautiful. Or we can play for them, while they relax and enjoy.”

We shared some of the “possibilities are endless” type conversation: private party with catered dinners; birthday parties; piano students giving their own recital. Endless opportunities indeed.

Angela and George live in the heart of Summerside and are anxious to meet their business neighbours. They have given their hearts to this community.

Jan CoxWay Up West
Jan Cox

My partner and I moved to the island from Ottawa in August 2003. We quickly became avid fans of "The Buzz". I would search out the monthly read at the liquor stores of West Prince! I retired in June 2015 and found myself one afternoon, on a weekday no less, outside The Buzz office in Charlottetown. I met Peter and the gang and after singing the praises of the publication, suggested they needed a voice from West of Summerside. Me and my big mouth - three years later I am still writing "Way Up West" every month and it has been a joy. It's a win win - I get to work with a wonderful group of people at The Buzz and I am thrilled to be meeting folks from up west and area.