Lighting The Way by Culture Summerside

Lighting the Way: The Story of Summerside Electric 1920–2020

by Culture Summerside

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People could be excused for thinking that perhaps the generating and distribution of electricity might not be the most exciting read on the bookshelf. But Culture Summerside’s new book, Lighting the Way: The Story of Summerside Electric 1920–2020 might change that viewpoint.

Lighting the Way is far more than electrical terms and statistics. While telling the story of how a small town council became the owners of a problematic private electric plant and against all odds grew it into a thriving municipal asset, the book is also a social history. It tells how “getting the lights” changed the lives of people and how electricity has become the backbone and work engine of life as we now know it. It is a dramatic and colourful story captured in 320 pages.

The staff of Culture Summerside have been working on the project for over a year doing their best to piece together the complete 100 year story.

Summerside Councillor Bruce MacDougall has written a song to mark the milestone anniversary of Summerside Electric.

It will be for sale at the book launch then be available at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre or the MacNaught History Centre and Archives.