Book Release: Leverage the Arts Ecosystem to Influence Local Prosperity

by M. Catherine Proctor

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Author M. Catherine (Cate) Proctor released her first book, Leverage the Arts Ecosystem to Influence Local Prosperity, in September. The evidence-based publication highlights what elements underpin a healthy arts ecosystem and describes how artists’ creative output intertwines and influences both the arts ecosystem and non-artistic sectors. Research findings highlight web-like community resilience when intentional, mutually beneficial partnerships with artists and arts sector intermediaries are prominent.

The benefits of leveraging creative assets are presented in a handbook format, peppered with case studies and both academic and sector-led research that lift the veil on how artistic value impacts social, community and economic outcomes. The author provides strategies and tactics on how to apply this knowledge in any (but especially rural) community, arts organization, municipal and business office. The content is timely as communities struggle to recover from fallout of COVID-19, with a nod to artists who generated musical, theatrical and other content at the height of lockdown connecting societies globally from their kitchens, balconies and studios.

The self-published book is grounded in academic research findings collected during Cate’s Executive Masters of Business Administration studies at UPEI, in addition to 20+ years working in the arts sector. Research collected through her consulting practice, leadership experience running theatres and festivals, and general arts sector research highlight both the value and fragility of the arts ecosystem.

The book launch will be held October 8 at 4 pm ADT online at The launch will offer a one-on-one interview with the author and an interactive Q&A with attendees. It will be hosted by Bridget MacIntosh, cultural strategist and member of Mass Culture’s network supporting arts and cultural research across Canada. More details at and via social media channels.

The book is available online in print and e-book formats through distribution platforms, as well as in-store and online at Bookmark in Charlottetown.

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