LEAR premiere

Pete Murphy’s film is ready

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After three years in production, two cast members quitting and one stolen HD camera, MurphCorp will premiere its long-awaiting adaptation of William Shakespeare’s King Lear May 11 at The Holman Grand Hotel in Charlottetown.

Some of you will remember that back in 2002 MurphCorp premiered Stravinsky’s Folly at The Reel Island film festival, the first feature to be produced on PEI, according to its producers. Now, some thirty films later, they’re at it again.

Though plagued with production delays, cast desertions and on-the-fly re-writes, Lear is ready to screen. Pete Murphy, head honcho of MurphCorp, announced, “I’m proud of what we accomplished with no money and an all volunteer cast. This animated feature, the first to be produced on the Island, is truly a no-money miracle. Without corporate, cultural or government funding we made the impossible look easy. And that, my friends, is art.”

Lear will premiere at The Holman Grand Hotel in Charlottetown May 11 at 8 pm. The film can also be viewed at murphcorp.tv.