Landfall—Remembering Hurricane Fiona

A collaborative arts project by Patricia MacAulay

An Island artist and therapist wants to help Islanders mark the first anniversary of Hurricane Fiona through the power of art. Last month, Patricia MacAulay put out a call to over 600 Islanders, inviting them to recall the moment they emerged after the storm and describe what they saw and how they felt. Twenty- four people from all corners of the Island responded.

Their contributions inspired a series of art pieces that attempt to encapsulate our shared post-hurricane experience.
She compiled Islanders’ memories and the art pieces into a flip book available at:

“Trauma research tells us that the anniversaries of distressing events can bring back related emotions. Avoiding painful feelings only makes things more difficult. If we approach our shared memories openly and gently, we can weather this anniversary together,” says MacAulay. Patricia MacAulay is an artist and therapist who lives and works in a little cottage in New Glasgow.

Thanks to Innovation PEI for supporting this project through its PEI Artist Grant Program.