Lady and the Plant(s)

Kathy Birt

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When Island author Kathy Birt launched her book of fiction, Lady and the Plant(s) in 2017, she had no idea that, then Liberal MLA Allen Roach would legislate getting rid of single-usage plastic bags from the Island landscape in June 2018. Birt was way ahead of this legislation with her fictional book that offers some hair-raising antics as well as motivation for Islanders to take a good look at their use of plastic.

Zeroing in on the environmental issue of plastic bags in PEI was part of the author’s plan for the book. Corrigible Clark,  in her role with the PPU, is passionate about getting rid of plastic in PEI. She deceitfully uses her position to have certain businesses and government offices “sign off” on allowing her to dig up plants on particular properties.

As of July 1, 2019, the single-use plastic bag will be gone from PEI businesses and stores. Until that time, customers can pay 15 cents for a plastic bag, or buy reusable bags, available at most retailers for a variety of prices.