The Accident, Erica Rutherford, 1996, oil on canvas


A look at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery exhibition: Who’s Your Mother?

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A local ‘zine that focuses on the voices of young Island female artists is featuring the Confederation Centre Art Gallery’s Who’s Your Mother? exhibition in its latest edition. Lackadaisy includes responses from 12 young writers responding to the all-female exhibition of works. Lackadaisy was created by Emma Wheeler. It was her idea to highlight the female arts scene on PEI, focusing on young women. Pan Wendt, Confederation Centre Art Gallery’s curator, asked artist associated with the zine if they would respond to Who’s Your Mother?

Island artists Rosanna Kressin and Isabella Rutherford-Torlone are two of the contributors for Lackadaisy who responded.

Rosanna Kressin says, “I did two interviews with two of the artists featured in the exhibition, Lucy Hogg and Becka Viau. I thought it was a cool opportunity because I’m very passionate about art itself and looking into the theory behind works of art. I also thought Becka and Lucy’s pieces were theory-laden because they were both male nudes. Historically the nude has meant something else for women and their autonomy in the art world and I wanted to showcase how a male nude could fit into that.”

Isabella Rutherford-Torlone says, “Both of my grandmothers are featured in Who’s Your Mother? It gave me a warm and empowering feeling to see all of these women together. There is a lot of work happening in the community, but sometimes it feels like it isn’t successful. But to see everyone together, it does feel that way.”

She went on to note, “When I say both my grandmothers are in it, I mean my mom’s parents. One of my mom’s parents is trans (Erica Rutherford) and it means something extra special for her to be recognized in this exhibition.”