Once again The Buzz allows Dennis Trainor to submit a selfie.

Know Your Audience

Dennis Trainor embarks on Countryside Tour

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Interviewer Dennis Trainor: Hello Dennis. I must admit, I didn’t expect to talk with you again so soon.

Dennis Trainor: What do you mean? We chat all the time, you and me.

Interviewer Dennis: I’m mainly referring to the recent interview I did with you in The Buzz about your earlier show “Into The Den.” I heard good things about it by the way.

Dennis: What!? You didn’t go? Ha Ha! Just kidding. I know you were there.

Interviewer Dennis: So why do another show so soon? Explain that to The Buzz readers if you would.

Dennis: Well Dennis, it’s like this…my time is short.

Interviewer Dennis: Oh my! That sounds bad! What do you mean? Are we dying or something!?

Dennis: Time waits for no one Dennis. So since my last show, I created some new stuff and have honed elements that I felt worked well. I just feel like there’s no time like the present to try it out on various audiences. And there you have it! The show “Know Your Audience” and tour is born!

Interviewer Dennis: Fascinating!

Dennis: There’s no better time than now to get to know each other. I mean before Death ultimately does come along, and it will, and eternally postpones any special dinner plans ya might have made?

Interviewer Dennis: I entirely agree. Now, you refer to the show as being a “Countryside Tour.” Explain that for me.

Dennis: Well mainly Dennis, the show’s being performed in venues across the Island countryside…duh. Next question.

Interviewer Dennis: Where can folks find out more about the tour and buy tickets?

Dennis: Finally a good question! Folks can get all the details on the tour and where it will be playing near you at this website: dennistrainor.me

Interviewer Dennis: Thank you Dennis. Great interview!

Dennis: The pleasure was all mine Dennis.