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Island Summer Review

Patrick Ledwell and Mark Haines are back in Hunter River

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What’s the inspiration behind The Island Summer Review? Show creators and performers Patrick Ledwell and Mark Haines hope that, once they enter the front doors, guests leave behind everyday cares for a while.

Those doors are opening once again in 2021, for the show’s ninth summer running at Harmony House. Comedian Patrick Ledwell and musician Mark Haines aim, more than ever, to create a  show that raises laughter and spirits at this moment when we all need a break from heavier times.

Ledwell and Haines are hard at work crafting a brand-new storytelling set with up-to-the-minute comedy, fiddle and contemporary music—and everything PEI in between.

The Island Summer Review has been described as “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” meets “Don Messer’s Jubilee,” a comic take on the traditional Maritime kitchen party. The pair have built a reputation for leaving packed houses stomping their feet, both in laughter and along with the beat.

For this upcoming season, the show will take a look at the special place that music holds in the lives of Islanders.

“Whether it’s anthems from classic Canadian rock, or classic fiddle tunes from beside the stove, music has an incredible ability to take us to a different place,” says Ledwell. “As a storyteller, I’ve always envied that power of a song to access the heart. I’m thrilled to be alongside Mark’s musical talents and to be able to highjack songs of all kinds, telling Island tales from recent times.”

The Island Summer Review will open July 6 and run two nights a week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm, until September 1. Find info and tickets at, 964-2255.

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