Island Literary Awards

Shortlists and Awards Galas

The PEI Writers’ Guild has announced the shortlist for both the Island Literary Awards and the Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty Creative Writing Awards for Young People. Island writers will be recognized during the award galas at the Trailside Music Hall on June 11.

 The Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty Creative Writing Awards for Young People will take place from 11 am–12 pm. The Island Literary Awards will take place from 2–3:30 pm. 

For over 30 years, the Island Literary Awards have recognized talented Island writers of all ages. 

Cash prizes are awarded to individuals who place first, second and third in both the adult and young people’s awards categories.

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The short-listed writers for the youth categories are as follows:

Early Elementary: Adaira Laird for “Snowflake the Snow Elf;” Damon Cheuk for “Rainbow;” Fynn Peterhans for “My Pet Chicken Bily;” Milana Perelman for “Blue;” and “Ryan Yan for Orange.”

Late Elementary: Avery Curley for “The Bank Robbing Brothers;” Emilie Laurin for “Tilly and the Four Seasons Tree;” and Rory Laird for “Tom’s Question.”

Junior High:Arden Gallant for “The Main Rule;” Garion Laird for “Gold, You Say?;” Heloise Brugali for “They Will Save Us Tomorrow;” and Katie Grandy for “A Piece of Cake.”

Senior High: Eliot White for “Alone;” Emily Hunter for “An Ordinary Life;” Isabella Drake for “Iron and Salt;” Laura MacDougall for “Welcome Aboard Your Consciousness;” and Scarlett Dovey for “Ms Coley Nye”

The short-listed writers for adult categories are as follows:

The Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Literature for Children Awards: Eleanor Kielly-Wedlake for Goodnight Seaside; Kelley Wright for The Great Ball Rescue; Rebecca Dawson for Shuffle Step; and Richard Lush for The Creators Plan. 

Richard Lemm and Lee Ellen Pottie Poetry Awards: Jo Godden for “Est. 1922: Ⅰ, Ⅱ, & Ⅲ,” “Soup,” “these days,” and “oh my darling;” Kara Griffin for “The Mother Tree Wept;“ and Vinnie Love for “tough love letters.”

Maritime Electric Short Story Awards: Desiree Anstey for “Into the Islet;” Gavin Laird for “Well Grounded;” Isaac King for “A Warm Season;” Mark Enman for “The Bookshop.”

The Joan & Regis Duffy Foundation Creative Non-Fiction Awards: D. Bailey Clark for The Edge, Found; Jane Affleck for A Biography of My Maternal Grandmother, in Sixteen Parts; and Stuart Macfarlane for Long Odds.

Acorn Press Marie Coyoteblanc Indigenous Writing Award: Richard Lush for Meskeyi Nkwis – I am sorry my son; Tara-Lynn Rioux for Nestuita’si I recollect; and Willie Poll for Fractured Indigeneity; The ramblings of a half breed.

IRSA Newcomers to Canada Award: Lorenzo Perez for Sees It.

Black Cultural Society of PEI Scott Parsons Literary Award: Chanel Briggs for Hurricanes and Other Disasters; and Ellie Langston for A frozen memory.

PEERS Alliance 2SLGTBQ+ Award: Lauren Jean Lawlor for CHEESESTRING FICELLO.

SAF’Île Francophone Award: Geneviève Ouellette for Une bibitte franco-canadienne; and Gilbert Ladéroute for Je pense à toi.

Réshard Gool Award for Creative Writing:Abby Lacey and Nicole Bellamy.

Joseph Sherman Award:Charity Becker.

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