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Island Fringe Festival

Unconventional theatre and performances—July 28 to Aug 1

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Entering its 10th year, Island Fringe Festival has become an Island staple, bringing innovative, accessible, unconventional shows to PEI every summer. Celebrating independent and alternative theatre, the 2021 Island Fringe Festival has something for everyone.

On July 28, Fringe will host a Preview Night and audiences will get to see a snippet of each of the performances. Shows will take place nightly from July 29–August 1 at various locations in Charlottetown. Additional programming includes Fringe After Dark events and the return of a late-night Scavenger Hunt, Trivia Night, and the Closing Party/Awards Night.

Apple Bones

A drama set in near-future Green-era, where having children is seen as destructive to the planet and is heavily controlled. Mother Nature weaves the tale as Lily’s round belly stirs up high emotions and mayhem ensues.

Castor Oil

What do a hammer, a tube of lipstick, a dildo, and a half-baked casserole all have in common? Queer femininity. This show is a series of vignettes that explore the complexities, stereotypes and hypocrisy of sapphic sexuality.


What do vampires have in common with mannequins? They’re both among the many things Benton Hartley is afraid of. When he is tasked by his therapist to list everything that scares him, he quickly realizes that the problem might be much deeper than he thought. Darkly hilarious and unblinkingly vulnerable, Cowardice tells the story of one man’s history with hospitals, panic attacks and the great American sitcom.

Deenie’s Exit

At 95, Deenie is fed up with the decrepitude, loneliness, and most of all, loss of control that comes with old age. She convinces her friend Max to write a play about her and her determination to end it all, but Deenie’s son Peter assumes Max is after his mother’s money. Mayhem ensues! Caretaker Ruby offers perspective.

Head War

A found text performance that pieces together the story of creator Sadie McCarney’s 2013 hospitalization for acute psychosis. Scavenging and rearranging words from the official records of her two-month hospital stay, McCarney has crafted an experience that reclaims sentences written about her as sentences not of illness, but of transformative power.

Inner Urban Ecosystem

A contemporary dance piece set in a local park in which the performers will evaluate the parks microcosm, allowing their personal experience and emotion to be portrayed through their movement and music. Exploring themselves through this performance will give the audience a moment to take a breath out of overwhelming city life and enjoy the beauty of the local park.

Kings and Queens

Xclusiv Crew is a diverse Urban Dance Company that was founded in 2010 by Bahamian hip hop choreographer Joe Dames. In 2012, he met Dawn Ward, who brought her Contemporary and African Jazz feel and vibe. They have been creating together ever since and will finally tell their love story, through the beauty of dance. The show will also bring awareness to the different genres of dance and how African movement and hip hop are the definite roots of all styles we learn about and see today.


“I’ll tell you a story…about how all the world is a playground, but all the people have forgotten how to play.” Lucy goes to the playground expecting to… well… play, but instead finds folx engaged in anything but. Is play an end in itself, or must one track progress toward a goal for an activity to be meaningful? Or is it best to just sit on a bench and not engage at all?


A home is like a shrine. It is a space we fill with items that represent what we believe. Moving house is a time when you are poised to evaluate everything you believe in. This performance explores the subtle belief systems that creep into our lives when we’re not looking, and how we enshrine them in the things—and the people—we surround ourselves with.

Island Fringe Festival performances may contain adult themes, viewer discretion is advised. Schedules will be released throughout July. For a schedule of performances and to purchase tickets, visit

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