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Island Entertainment Expo

—submitted by Jillianne Hamilton

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The first annual Island Entertainment Expo (IEX) will be held at the Prince Edward Island Convention Centre at the Charlottetown Delta Hotel on March 30 and 31.

Organizer Alex Maine said the event has been created with inclusiveness for all types of fans in mind. “If you have an interest in the entertainment industry—whether that be music, tv, movies, anime, manga, gaming—we will have something for you.”

Video game lovers can look forward to tournaments, an arcade, retro consoles, VR stations, and a gaming museum. Attendees who prefer a more tactile gaming experience can take advantage of the trading card and board games on offer.

Guest speakers and panels are also scheduled over the course of the weekend. “Voice actors, TV actors, artists, and industry professionals are currently in the line-up,” Maine said. The first guest speaker announced was Final Fantasy XV voice actor, Liam Mulvey.

Cosplay has become a mainstay at fan conventions. IEX attendees are encouraged to dress up as their favourite character and four awards will be presented during the convention: two for people’s choice award and two for costumes selected by event staff.

Souvenirs, books, artwork, and more will be available at IEX via the market and artist alley. Over 100 tables consisting of artists, vendors, and authors will be set up. Many of the artist vendors at IEX specialize in fantasy and sci-fi artwork.

Attendees can also look forward to live music, workshops, party games for kids, and more.

Maine has organized similar events in England, Scotland, the US and elsewhere in Canada. He hopes the Island Entertainment Expo will be an annual event in Charlottetown for years to come and IEX is already under contract to be held in 2020 and 2021.

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