Madalyn Murdock

Ireland meets Scotland

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Ireland Meets Scotland will return this summer at PEI Preserve Company in New Glasgow. On Tuesday evenings from July 13 to August 17, patrons will enjoy a scenic picnic supper featuring fresh, local ingredients, followed by a high-caliber celebration of Celtic heritage, music and dance.

Ireland Meets Scotland tells the compelling story of Irish and Scottish immigrants leaving their homelands in the 1800s and meeting in the New World, many of them here on PEI. The story is told primarily through music and dance, with just enough prose and poetry laced with humour to set the scenes in the mind’s eye of the audience. It celebrates the Scottish and Irish heritage of PEI and new immigrants settling here.

The 2021 season will once again reunite original cast members from the show’s run from 1999–2002. This year’s show will feature Colin Jeffrey (fiddle), Amanda Mark (flute, tin whistle) and Kevin Jeffrey (guitar, vocals), with Celtic dancer Madalyn Murdock.

Supper and drinks begin at 6:30 pm with showtime at 7:30 pm.

Picnic supper and show tickets or show tickets only are available by calling or texting Kevin Jeffrey at 314-3078. Follow @irelandmeetsscotland on Facebook for more information.