In the Hollow Lotos Land

By T.K. Pratt

As the University of Prince Edward Island begins its intense search for a new president, T.K. Pratt releases In the Hollow Lotos Land, his new novel on just such a presidential search. 

When James Knowlton, Associate Professor of English at a small Maritime university, is denied a well-deserved promotion by his surly Dean, he spins a plot of revenge that makes today’s election hackers and dirty tricks operators look like rank amateurs. 

Retired UPEI professor T.K. Pratt, who chaired both an English department and a search committee for president, knows the outrageous world of university politics from the inside. The reader will never look at their alma mater in the same way again. 

The Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia judges awarded an earlier version of In the Hollow Lotos Land with the H.R. Percy Prize for an unpublished novel in the 2004 Atlantic Writing Competition.

The book is available online and at Bookmark in Charlottetown.