In Our Lifetime

Bren Simmers

A gift of Island poetry | curated by Deirdre Kessler

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Tomatoes too thirsty, priced out
of reach along with almonds,
peaches. We’re running out of cheap
oil—like the ivory-billed woodpecker
last spotted in 1944, we refuse
to declare it extinct. In our lifetime,

a shift from objects to access,
answers to inquiry: wifi, the cloud, Netflix.
Heroic movies about factions, districts,
prisons. Atwood asking are we living
a meaningful life? Like Rilke,
we live the questions now.

If I were Steve Carell and only had
three weeks to live, would I stay the course
or trek Machu Picchu, canoe the Peel
River? We’re never ready; it’s never the right
time. When faced with the finite,
why now, finally act?


—Bren Simmers, Pivot Point, Gaspereau Press, 2019.

Deirdre Kessler selects a poem a month by an Island poet for The Buzz.

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