If I Fall, single by Tara MacLean

If I Fall

Tara MacLean releases reimagined version for memoir soundtrack

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Tara MacLean released a reimagined version of her hit single “If I Fall” on June 23, and at the same time, announced that she will release her debut memoir Song of the Sparrow with HarperCollins, as well as the accompanying soundtrack Sparrow, in March 2023. “If I Fall” is the lead single from the new album.

“This song had been an international pop hit single, so I was having a really hard time imagining it any other way. I really feel that we’ve been able to create something that is more true to the sentiment than the original production. I think this version will touch fans in a nostalgic way,” says MacLean.

“If I Fall” was written by MacLean, produced and mixed by Daniel Ledwell, and mastered by Archive Mastering. The song features MacLean (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ledwell (guitars, bass, synth, piano), Michael Belyea (drums), Kinley Dowling (violin, viola), and Natalie Williams-Calhoun (cello).

The new album, Sparrow, is a reimagined collection of her past work, as well as new material. 

“I knew I had to make this record when I began writing my memoir. It was important that I chose songs that were significant in changing my life, either publicly, or internally as a songwriter,” shares MacLean. 

Song of the Sparrow promises to be a daring, heartbreaking and provocative memoir told with the same raw, open and elegant poetry that Tara’s fans have come to expect. 

“Tara’s Song of the Sparrow is an honest insight into her life and how her creative process has allowed her to not only survive, but soar!” says recording artist Bryan Adams.

MacLean has received numerous awards throughout her career. Most recently, she received the Stompin’ Tom award by the East Coast Music Association, marking outstanding contribution to music in the region.

A video for “If I Fall” (Sparrow version) can be viewed on YouTube. Song of the Sparrow is available for pre-order.