If I Could Say

Leon Berrouard

A gift of Island poetry | curated by Deirdre Kessler

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That I love you
From the bottom of my heart
But that would be a cliché

So, instead, I love you from
The bottom of my brain
And all the way to the top
Of my skull day & night

And it isn’t at all trite
To say that all the cells
Between my ears are bloody
And the dendrites & axons
of my neurons don’t touch

But electrical messages
Cause my heart to thump
For you

And that’s all there is to say
In this instead sort of way


—Leon Berrouard. Leon’s latest collection of poetry is Epiphany on Route 70 (Red Wheelbarrow Press, 2018).

Deirdre Kessler selects a poem a month by an Island poet for The Buzz.

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