David Weale

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Hitched is a collection of short stories and impudent, sometimes scurrilous, quips that Island author David Weale has harvested from Island conversations over the past forty-five plus years on the topic of sex, courtship and marriage. “There are also a few of my own tossed into the salad for good measure,” says Weale.

Many of the quotes in the book are from an earlier time. They reveal the dilemma of being romantically inclined and sexually tuned within the morally-starched and religiously-divided culture that existed into the 1970s and beyond. It was a culture where the Victorian granny-quilt of secrecy and shame was thrown across the mating urge to the extent that matters shouted from the housetops today were whispered behind hands, or not spoken at all. Indeed, it was a culture where until the 1960s many Islanders were unable to bring themselves even to say the word ‘sex.’

“I know that like most other Islanders of my generation I spent a large portion of my childhood and adolescence trying to get information however I could,” says Weale, “even resorting desperately to the dictionary and ‘doctor book’ for assistance.”