Highland Storm

Celtic variety show in Summerside all summer

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Highland Storm, presented by The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada along with Confederation Bridge, plays in July and August in Summerside.

Imagine—almost 250 years ago—taking your spouse and children away from your homeland, with just the clothes on your back and not much else and spending up to 8 weeks on a ship only to arrive on an little island—an island you knew absolutely nothing about.

Imagine arriving on those shores in the bleak autumn, having to clear land, cut wood, build a home with crude tools and fashion an existence that ensured your growing family would survive the winter in this unfamiliar climate.

Imagine eventually having to choose between a prosperous future and maintaining your precious culture.

Then, in 2019, imagine you have masters of the Celtic performing arts within your reach—world-class musicians/instructors and their students—performing a series of musical events inspired by the stories of these pioneers who made that voyage so long ago.

This is Highland Storm—an evening of Celtic music and dance that will entertain audiences with displays of the Highland and step dancing and sounds of the pipes and drums. Combining the melodies of traditional songs and the fire of the fiddle, performances offer an authentic Highland experience.

Highland Storm opens on July 8 and plays on select dates (with two matinees) until August 16, on stage in the new theatre, The Celtic Performing Arts Centre. For information or to book tickets, contact The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts’ box office at 902-436-5377 or at info@collegeofpiping.com. There is a link to purchase tickets through Ticketpro at collegeofpiping.com. The Celtic Performing Arts Centre at The College of Piping is located at 619 Water Street East in Summerside.

—submitted by College of Piping staff [edited by The Buzz]