Nikki & JD [by Fabio Affuso]

Harbourfront Theatre celebrates 25 years

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Performances continue at Harbourfront Theatre as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations.

“From death-defying acrobatics to ballet to classic rock, Summerside’s Harbourfront Theatre welcomes a variety of performances to the stage in the new year as they continue to celebrate their 25th anniversary“ says Executive Director Kieran Keller.

On March 9, Red Sky Performance bring their Trace tour to Summerside. The highly kinetic, contemporary dance work, inspired by Indigenous (Anishinaabe) sky and star stories, offers a glimpse into our origin and future evolution.

On March 19, Nikki & JD will present Knot, a show that combines theatre, dance and circus to tell a tale of complex modern relationships. The acrobatic duo ((Nikki Rummer and JD Broussé) create moments on stage that seem too dangerous to be performed without serious safety gear.

Folk singer, songwriter and chamber violinist Raine Hamilton will be on stage March 31. Part prairie songstress, part story weaver; Hamilton tells the story of each song she performs with humour and grace. She writes for violin and voice and for guitar and voice. Her performance will include an interpreter with American Sign Language to help make live music, and the community that comes with it, more accessible.

Classic Albums Live will return to the Harbourfront stage on April 10 with a performance of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 album, Led Zeppelin II.

On April 21, Harbourfront will present the theatrical comedy Middle Raged. Starring Geri Hall and Gary Pearson, Middle Raged is a hilarious sketch show, exploring that time of life when you’re running out of time.