(Photo: by Stephen Desroches)

Greenland grandeur

PEI Photo Club hosts Stephen Desroches

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Stephen Desroches will be the featured speaker at the January meeting of the PEI Photography Club. Over the years, he has made four trips to Greenland, 350 km north of the Arctic Circle, particularly to the coastal town of Ilulissat, home to an active glacier producing 35 billion tonnes of icebergs every year.

A professional image-maker, Stephen collaborated with John Sylvester to produce A Photographer’s Guide to Prince Edward Island, published last year by Acorn Press. More recently, Acorn released his Prince Edward Island: Images of the night sky. As well as working with Sylvester, Stephen’s collaborators include the well-known Canadian photographers Dave Brosha and Paul Zizka, with whom he’s traveled to Greenland.

Specializing in landscapes, Stephen is interested in environmental stories. When asked about taking a new direction as an artist, he said, “In recent years, I’ve questioned the purpose my work provides and decided to make much more of an effort to tell the story of conservation and human impact. I wanted a venue to create more than just pretty, scenic landscape images. I wanted images that were worthwhile. I’ve reached out and have been working with local organizations to do just that and would like to see it continue.”

Stephen has been a supporter of the PEI Photography Club, and to recognize his contributions the Club awarded him a life-time membership in 2015.

The meeting will take place at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 10 Northridge Parkway, January 28 at 7 pm. For information visit

peiphotoclub.com or email info@peiphotoclub.com.