Good Life

Hip Hop artist BraedenV releases new music video

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Hip Hop artist BraedenV released the official music video for his song “Good Life,” the lead single from his 2021 EP Chasing Planes.

The video introduces BraedenV as he writes in his lyric book at the park. He rips a page with the words “Good Life” from his notebook, folds it into an airplane and throws it over the water. It closes with a young boy fishing the plane out of the water, passed like a message in a bottle.

Produced by BraedenV and his longtime collaborator Sighost, the song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Gallant at The Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown.

Directed by Thomas Mears and Omar Broderick, in association with FilmPEI, the video was executive produced by William Van Asperen and shot at both Victoria Park and the FilmPEI studio in Charlottetown.

The “Good Life” music video was released on BraedenV’s Official YouTube Channel on August 27.

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