Playing at Watermark Theatre this summer

Johnna Wright and Patty Jamieson’s Gaslight will run from July 7–August 25 at Watermark Theatre in North Rustico.

Gaslight is based on the play Angel Street by Patrick Hamilton. The 1938 thriller spawned the term “gaslighting,” which is a word that is now used to describe an insidious form of mental abuse.

In Gaslight, Bella Manningham hears strange sounds and the gas lights dim for no apparent reason. Is she losing her grip on reason, or is it being loosened for her? Bella thinks she’s losing her mind. The truth might be far worse. 

The Watermark production of Gaslight is directed by Martha Irving (Educating Rita), and stars PEI actors Marlene Handrahan, Benton Hartley and Kristena McCormack, and Risha Nanda of Toronto, ON.